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laser removal for tattoos and nail fungus



We offer laser tattoo removal and laser to remove toenail fungus. Contact us for all your laser needs!


We offer a 100% free consultation to talk to our laser technician to discuss what will work best for you.


Our laser safety officers are ready to take care of you. We are Texas Certified and FDA Approved!

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Laser - Remove Tattoo

  1. Free Consultation. At the tattoo removal consultation, Dr. Sykes will evaluate your tattoo many different ways. He will ask you about your skin type, tattoo location, color, size, ink type, how many tattoos you have, for how long, and how deep they go.
  2. If you are very comfortable with Dr. Sykes, with our Office, and with the full evaluation of your Tattoo… Dr. Sykes will do your first laser treatment at this same visit. 
  3. The first laser treatment is ALWAYS $99, no matter how big or small. 
  4. Please text us a picture of your tattoo if you are interested in our laser tattoo removal process.

Most people say the tattoo removal laser does not hurt. If if bothers you, we have ice packs, numbing cream, and other ways to make you comfortable.

Laser - Nail Fungus Remover

  1. Free Consultation. At the consultation, Dr. Sykes will evaluate your toe nails (and finger nails if needed). He will ask you how long you have been dealing with the fungus, what kind of nail fungus treatments you have tried, and how your general health is. Dr. Sykes will answer all of your questions at the consultation before you make the decision to start treatment.

  2. If you are very comfortable with Dr. Sykes, our Office, and the full Evaluation, Dr. Sykes will laser your nails at this same visit. The first treatment is always $199. Dr. Sykes will laser ALL 10 nails, even if only one nail is currently affected, due to fungus’s contagious nature.

  3. AFTER the first treatment, you will come back every 4 weeks to allow the nails to grow back and be treated until you have healthy, new nails. Each visit is $99.

  4. Each treatment plan is unique to you! How many treatments you need will depend on a lot of different factors, such as how fast your nails grow, do you wear steel-toed boots, if your feet naturally sweat a lot, etc.

Fungus hides under the matrix of your nail, this is why it is so hard to kill! Our laser focuses on that area for fungus nail remover.

Please text us at any time! 432-210-3312
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Laser Tattoo Removal & Toenail Fungus Laser Removal

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